Statistics and information for 乾隆通宝铸于清高宗乾隆年间,背面的满文比较复杂,版别众多,本站综合各个版别的乾隆通宝图片及价格以及乾隆通宝价格汇集成乾隆通宝价格表供收藏爱好者参考之用。

January 16, 2018
Last Updated

2.95 Thousand
All sources: desktop and mobile
01:05 min. Visit Duration
3.05 Pages per a Visit
34.9% Bounce Rate
We estimate summary traffic for as 2.95 Thousand visits per month.
The users' engagement: Pages per Visit: 3.05, Average Visit Duration: 01:05 minutes, Bounce Rate: 34.9%.

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